2blowhards In which a group of graying eternal amateurs discuss their passions, interests and obsessions, among them: movies, art, politics, evolutionary biology, taxes, writing, computers, these kids these days, and lousy educations. "A rare trick--to be spoof, homage, and thing-in-its-own-right"
Ain't It Cool News The latest in movie, TV, comic, and other information from Hollywood. "If you haven't seen this, you must, must, MUST watch the red band trailer for BLACK DYNAMITE!"
Chud Cinematic Happenings Under Development: Reviews, news, commentary coupled with rumor and hearsay from the film industry. "Even the mild purple and green lighting for the love scene is bang on the money"
Cinematical A site devoted to cinematic news. "This is shaping up to be a pretty cool piece of retro-sploitation."
Cinema Retro A magazine devoted to the classic and cult films of the 1960s and 1970s. "It's all here: jive talk, kung fu fights, corrupt cops, and a seemingly endless supply of big busted chicks"
Cinema Suicide A celebration of cheap thrills, Cinema Suicide caters to the film fan that's on the prowl for the criminally overlooked classics, new and old, of drive-ins, grindhouses, the direct to video market and the international scene. "60,000 volts of black power!"
Crunk & Disorderly Fresh commentary on film, celebrities, and more. "If you are anything like me and love watching cheesy 70's Blaxploitation films on IFC, Black Dynamite should be right up your alley"
Film Drunk The movie blog that plays rough--just the way your mother likes it. "No release date yet, but you better believe I'm there"
Geeks of Doom Bringing geeky entertainment news and features to the masses and to create a haven where the independent geek could voice his/her opinion. "A movie that you will swear was dug up from some vault which has been locked since 1975"
Illseed Blog A place for individuals to express themselves in a humorous, critical and cultural way that allows people to defy convention. "Instant classic"
Movies Online Movie news, trailers, posters, contests, and more. "Looks like one of the best blaxploitation movies since the 70s"
Nostalgiaholic Welcome vintage amusement enthusiasts, movie bloggers, inner children, and Stumble-Addicts! "That bad mutha's got a slick mustache and nunchucks and knows how to use 'em against the man"
Panic Manual The latest in concerts, music, movies, tv and everything else you like. "By the looks of the trailer, Scott Sanders did a fantastic job capturing the 70's era feel. You best drop a dime on this movie or Black Dynamite is gonna drop you, sucka."
Radar Online Official Website for Radar Magazine: Pop, Politics, Scandal, and Style. "Spike and Quentin must be kicking themselves for not coming up with a retro renegade for those among us who still like our black heroes hard (sorry, Barack)."
Row Three A collaborative film website that aims to foster discussion and community for those who like their cinema a bit Hollywood, a bit indie and a bit foreign. "More Grindhouse than Grindhouse"
Slash Film Blogging the Reel World. "Genuinely looks as if it played during the days when Tarantino's and Wu-Tang's sneakers used to stick to seedy theater floors"
The New Obenson Report A delicate mix of complex ingredients. "It really had me fooled, because it does look like it was made decades ago"
Twitch Film Movie vids, reviews, news, commentary, and more. "Martial arts, vigilante justice, a hospital room shoot out, car crashes, and a whole lot of sweet loving - this has got it all in spades"
WoooHah Your daily serving of movie, fashion, business & lifestyle news in hip hop "Not safe for work...but still worth the risk to watch at work at low volumes" A soulful tribute to funk and groovy soundtracks from Blaxploitation culture. Find a list of Blaxploitation films and where to buy DVDs; movie posters and soundtracks; books about the genre; articles, and more.
Wikipedia on Blaxploitation Always a good place to start: a brief history of the genre and its subsequent influence on the entertainment industry.
Dolemite: Blaxploitation Database A searchable database of films on a website paying tribute to Rudy Ray Moore and the Blaxploitation genre.
Chris Waring on Blaxploitation An extensive history of the genre and Blaxploitation's influence on cinema even after the 1970s.
Blaxploitation Films A brief history of the Blaxploitation genre.
Maderfaker Industry A space devoted to Blaxploitation films and gear.
Spectacle, masculinity, and music A treatise on the impact of Blaxploitation scores.
Baad Asssss Cinema - A Bold Look at 70's Blaxploitation Films An excellent documentary on blaxploitation cinema which includes interviews with legends such as Pam Grier, Fred Williamson, and Gloria Hendry.
Enlace Funk Trends in Funk, Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop and Groove.
Cracker Hammer Redefining "Blaxploitation": Exploitation or Art?